The mission of the Committee on Community and World Concerns is to witness to Christ’s love and saving grace, to work with the congregants of St. James parish to share, with all people, the personal and collective resources God has provided, seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

The Committee on Community and World Concerns (aka The Outreach Committee) is a group of St. James people who work to provide for people beyond our walls and outside of our congregation.  Many requests for assistance come into St. James every week and, with the Help Fund, the staff and others, our committee responds.  We do not react on an emergency basis, ours is a more long term process of evaluation and response.  The money for our work comes from The First Sunday Plate Offering which we share with Family Promise and various diocesan and national purposes.  At the end of the fiscal year a recommendation is made to the Vestry, and remaining funds are distributed to local, diocesan, national and international organizations.  Needless to say we would love to have much more to share.  We also provide lunches for Habitat for Humanity and distribute gifts to the Hospital in Warm Springs and the Developmental Center in Boulder.