We have several opportunities to ask for and receive healing prayer at St. James:

1. On Sundays from an intercessor,
2. At the monthly healing service,
3. Via pew cards,
4. Through the parish office - to be included aloud at the services, or from the Circle of Prayer
5. You also may come up at the birthday/travel/ anniversary prayer time to ask the parish for prayers, e.g.for an upcoming surgery.

After an August break, the Healing Service will begin at 6 P.M. in the chapel on every first Tuesday. We sing, hear a teaching from Clark, read Compline together, and have a time of individual healing prayer for those who wish it for themselves or a loved one.

Curious? Join us anytime; no obligations!

Sundays, an intercessor will be at the Sacristy door at each service to pray with any who come. These prayers are held in confidence.