SURVIVORS of Life For Life - Matthew 25
On Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Deacon Roxanne Klingensmith facilitates alongside the mentors: Deacon Connie Campbell-Pearson, Emma Whiteman, Daryl and Stan Todd, who work with a support group for men and women who have been incarcerated and are looking to change direction in their lives, to live positively, to contribute in a constructive manner, to the community in which they live.  The group meets in the St. James Church Rectory, 9 West Olive. Food is provided by members of the St. James family.  Discussions center around how these men and women are living new lives and, from time to time, guest speakers come to share their life experiences, what they do in the working world and avocations, and to learn from these 'survivors' what it means to be living new lives.