From the Desk of Father Clark

Dear family in Christ,

Each year at this time we pause to reflect on our life at St. James and consider how we might participate with our time, talent and treasure in the continuing work to which God calls us.

We have much to be joyful about.  While many houses of worship are shrinking, we continue to grow in the number of people gathering on Sunday morning and in our 67 ministies and programs.  Yes, I said 67.  Though we are the second largest church in the diocese, we have the largest average Sunday attendance.  Long-term parishioners are joining new ministries, and newcomers are drawn deeper into the life of our community.  Love, joy and spiritual growth flourish around us.

The giving of time, talent and treasure to our parish family is about more than just keeping the church open.  It's about continuing our work and moving us one step closer to bringing about the Kingdom of God in our midst.

What is Stewardship all about?  The best definition of stewardship that I have found says that a steward is a manager who administers that which belongs to someone else.  In that sense, it is not an overstatement to say we are stewards of the lives we are given, stewards of this church, stewards of the environment, and stewards of our worldly possessions.  These things all belong to God and God has placed us in stewardship of them.

How do we best do this?  I hope that one important part of this involves your strong support of this parish family, which is an integral part of your Christian life.  What should you give?  Well, the amount that you give is not as important as the gift's relationship to your heart and your desire and ability to give it.  That is the real spirit of stewardship.

Enclosed, you will find your 2019 Intentional Giving card.  Your generosity will empower this parish family in so many ways.  I ask that you give careful consideration to what you might give for calendar year 2019 and to prayerfully discern how God might use your time and talent in the months ahead.  Let's all embrace the real spirit of stewardship and then hold on for the ride of a lifetime.

Faithfully Yours, in Christ
Fr. Clark

2019 Intentional Giving Card

Stewardship at St. James
We seek to serve God and support His programs at St. James by working together, loving and trusting one another, and combining our giving.  In addition to vital financial support, members of St. James also willingly share their time and their special talents and expertise in support of St. James' mission.