From the Desk of Father Clark

Stories define us.  Stories have been a part of us since the
beginning of time.  Culture stands on the shoulders of stories.
As long as we exist, stories will be told and as long as they are
told, we will exist.

The story of St. James is nearly 150 years old.  We have a
colorful history filled with milestones and mountain tops,
but our story isn't contained in the past alone.  Our story
embraces a dynamic present and it projects into a future
filled with life-changing chapters.

You will discover a parish that is active and alive.  A parish
committed to ministry within and outside its walls.  It is a
parish fulfilling its scriptural call to equip the saints in order
that they may be God's hands and feet in the world.  We can
be proud of the work we are doing.  Working together, we
will continue to write the story of St. James of Bozeman.

Every year, we are given an opportunity to support the
work of God at St. James thru a financial pledge and every
year so many of you respond with selflessness and in faith.
The leadership of this parish is committed to such faithful
giving.  I invite you to join me, our wardens, vestry and clergy
in making a financial pleadge for the new year.  Let's watch
together as God honors our faithfulness in miraculous ways.

The Story continues...........*

Stewardship Celebration-2018

St. James Episcopal Church Vision Statement:
St. James is a loving community of faith that provides an Episcopal presence through worship, sacrament, and service.

2018 St. James Pledge Card

 Stewardship at St. James

We seek to serve God and support His programs at St. James by working together, loving and trusting one another, and combining our giving.

In addition to vital financial support, members of St. James also willingly share their time and their special talents and expertise in support of St. James' mission. 

The Pledge

If you are already a pledging member of St. James, thank you very much!  If you have not yet pledged, we ask on behalf of St. James parish that you prayerfully consider providing a pledge in support of God’s work.

To pledge, all you need to do is fill out a pledge card, sign it, and return it to the church.  Pledge cards are available in the church pews and in the church office.  We would also be happy to send you a card in the mail.  If you would like to receive a pledge card, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call the church office at (406) 586-9093, Extension 1.

How did we end the 2017 Stewardship Celebration compared to our goal?
We are pleased to report the following results of your generosity:
- 106% of our goal of 120 pledges have been received.
- 101% of our goal of $300,000 of pledges have been received.
The Vestry has used these results to finalize the 2017 balanced budget.

I can’t give as much as I did in the past.  Times are tough for me.
There are other members of St. James who feel this way, but they have found it possible to support the church faithfully in good times and in bad times.  Some members have committed to a dollar per week, while others have committed to hundreds of dollars per week, and your personal level of giving is always confidential.  God will know what is in your heart.  We simply ask that you give whatever you can out of your love of God and His church, and out of thanksgiving for the abundance of our lives.

My income is uncertain.  Why can’t I just put money in the collection plate week-to-week without pledging?
St. James ALWAYS appreciates those who provide offerings in the plate on Sundays!  Those funds help the church engage in God’s missions within St. James and throughout the community.  But providing a commitment in the form of a pledge is important because it allows our finance committee and our vestry to establish a budget, to monitor income and expenses, and to manage the parish’s obligations properly throughout the year.  Moreover, pledging members of St. James feel spiritual joy and satisfaction in being true members of St. James and the church’s ministries, regardless of the dollar amount pledged!

I worry that I will not be able to keep my pledge, and I don’t want to let the church down.
Many of us also worry about unexpected financial situations that might affect our ability to keep our pledges current, but please understand that you may adjust your pledge at any time throughout the year if your circumstances change.  Pledge amounts are kept confidential—and so are any changes that need to be made during the year.  Who knows, perhaps through the grace of God you will be able to increase your pledge during the year.  That is also allowed!

Isn't it OK for me to help out family members in need, give to the United Way, the Community Food Bank, St. Jude’s Hospital, the symphony, etc., instead of giving a pledge to the church?
Virtually all members who pledge support of St. James also support families and give donations to worthy outside organizations.  Many of these organizations serve good, noble, and even Godly purposes.  Yet the Episcopal view of scripture clearly teaches us of God’s expectation that tithes and offerings be given faithfully at the temple to fulfill God’s ministry through the church.  This is truly a spiritual gift, and the divine discipline of God’s call to us. Scripture reminds us that ‘All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee.’  We ask that you prayerfully consider God’s gifts given to you—His gifts were given unconditionally—and similarly seek to give in joy.