2020 Pledge Card

Stewardship Presentation Made By Bill Dennis On September 29, 2019
When I joined this congregation two or three years ago, I was already familiar with the Episcopal Order of Service and the 1982 Hymnal.  New attractions were the church building itself and Canterbury House across Olive Street next to our beautiful "pocket park".

I was stunned to find that our church building was consecrated in 1890, only 14 years after the Battle of the Little Big Horn, by a congregation already more than twenty years old.  Think of the faithful Stewardship and sarifices under difficult circumstances necessary for this accomplishment.  The historian Frederick Jackson Turner in his famous essay "The Significance of the Frontier in American History" picked the year 1892 to mark the closing of the frontier.  So Bozeman was really still a frontier town, and this was a frontier church.

Now this handsome church building is more than 125 years old.  Loving Stewardship over many generations has provided us with a building that enhances the solemn beauty of the Eucharist and has given so many opportunities for Christian Fellowship.

About the time we built our church, a black barber named Samuel Lewis, turned entrepreneur and builder, constructed what we call Canterbury House, and its next door neighbor on Tracy Avenue.  When Lewis died in 1896 he left an estate of $25,000.00, an astounding sum for its day, perhaps $800,000.00 in today's money.  With our purchase within living memory of Canterbury House and Canterbury Park, St. James now owns an historic corner in the heart of Bozeman.  If you have never read the interesting historical plaques attached to these two buildings, you might do so sometime.

One can imagine historic buildings like these require continual maintenance as well as physical improvements, if they are to continue to stand and serve.  So we at St. James have the privilege and responsibility as Stewards to pass these treasured buildings on to other generations of congregates, as they have been handed to us.  As we do so, we also contribute to historial preservation in Bozeman, no longer a frontier town, but now a growing metro area, perhaps in danger of forgetting its roots.

I commend this opportunity to my fellow parishioners.

Stewardship Presentation Made By Alex Adams On September 22, 2019
What does the word Stewardship mean to you?  It is not a word we use very often in our daily lives.

To me it means caring about the resources God has given me and using them for good.  This means many different things in my life including how I use my time and talents in being with my family, friends and neighbors.  In how I work with communities to improve their health.  And how I use the earth's resources wisely.  Most of us have been richly blessed with resources that we can share so that we are God's hands in this world.  There are also ways you can have a bigger impact through giving to organizations like St. James that are God's hands in so many ways.  As part of this stewardship month, we ask that you listen to your heart and consider how you can be God's hands in this world and spread his love to all.  Please fill out your pledge card as this greatly helps St. James in all of our missions and in planning ahead.

Blessings to you in your stewardship in the world.

A Writing By Bishop Jake Owensby That Brad Foster Shared With The St. James Parish Family On September 15, 2019
II Corinthians 9:11a: "You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity."
"We were sleeping on benches in a French train station.  Our train didn't leave for another four hours, so I was guarding our backpacks while my companions dozed.  A man wearing shabby, ill-fitting clothes sat by me.  Weeks of grime discolored his coat, and his hands were visibly dirty.  As he approached, a smell reminiscent of a dumpster preceded him.  Being a young inexperienced traveler, my alert level rose to bright red alarm.  We sat in silence for a while, exchanging enough words to discover that we shared no common language.  After what seemed like hours, my seatmate reached into his coat pocket and drew out a small, oily bag.  He gently held out the bag to me.  I nodded my thanks, took one of the three dates, and ate it.  He sat a while longer and then left.  That night, I shared a bench with a rich man, not because of the little money in his pocket but because of the grace that lived in his heart.  Generous people always have enough to share with others, not because of how much they have, but because of how much they're willing to give."

Stewardship Presentation Made By Vicki Van Rensselaer On September 8, 2019
Today is the start of 2020 Stewardship, the time that is set aside each year for all St. James parishioners to prayerfully consider how much financial support they plan to give to St. James for the next calendar year so that a budget for the next calendar year can be compiled and to prayerfully consider how they can support St. James ministries by joining those ministries.

Do you know what pays for the electricity, heat and water in all of the St. James buildings ?  It's the money that you pledge to St. James.  Without your pledge, our Nave would be dark right now.  Your pledge also pays for the salaries of our clergy, staff and the personnel who clean and maintain all of our buildings and grounds, for repair work that needs to be done to our buildings and grounds, for the copies of Forward Day By Day that are available at the back of the church, for our pianos and organ to be tuned and maintained, for the beverages that are served at St. James events, for the maintenance of our elevator and security system, for the printing of service bulletins for the 138 services that St. James holds each year.  Your pledge also provides funding for St. James ministries.  Everything that takes place at St. James and everything that St. James does in the Bozeman community, in Montana and throughout the world is made possible by your pledge.

It's only through your pledge that St. James is able to be the welcoming presence of The Episcopal Church in Bozeman.  Thank you for your consideration !