We are the Body of Christ. Christian formation is the heart of our shared life in Christ. No matter our age, we are growing in faith; programming is offered for all ages. You may find out more about it here. Your presence and participation brings life to our community and draws us closer to God. You are not only welcome but necessary. To find out more about serving or participating in the many offerings for faith formation in our community contact St. James at 406-586-9093 or stj5westolive@gmail.com.

Wednesday night classes beginning April 19, 2017
All those interested in healing ministry will begin a study of the 26 miracles of Jesus in preparation for full membership into the Order of St Luke. The Order of St. Luke (OSL) in a national ministry. All are welcome to come and learn. 

 Calling All Acolytes!

St. James is back in full swing with our three Sunday services. An important and integral part of worship are the acolytes, whose job is to assist the clergy and help provide a sacred space for parishioners to “get ready” for the liturgy experience. Duties include bringing the cross in and out of the service, lighting the candles, bringing up the offerings, assisting with the Eucharistic table, and more. Who can be an acolyte? Ages can range from 3rd/4th grade to adult. Interested in learning more about this ministry? Contact Reagan for more information. There will be an acolyte training in the near future.