Altar Flowers
Current St. James parishioners, former St. Jamesparishioners, visitors to the St. James parish and visitors to the St. James website have an opportunity to donate flowers to St. James to adorn the altar area for St. James' Sunday services.  Donating altar flowers is a way to remember loved ones who have died, to honor loved ones who are living or to give thanks for God's blessings in our lives.  All flower donations are acknowledged in the St. James Sunday service leaflets and during the St. James Sunday services (during the Prayers of the People).  Fresh flowers or floral arrangements can be donated to St. James by an individual, by a family or by several individuals or families. St. James needs two identical floral arrangements each Sunday. Fresh flowers can be donated or floral arrangements that are ordered and are delivered to the church by a local florist can be donated. If you are not a current St. James parishioner but you would like to donate altar flowers to St. James, please call Judi Farrington at (406)556-8214 or e-mail her at for additional information.

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild has the responsibility for preparing the altar table for Holy Eucharist and for caring for our beautiful the altar hangings, clergy vestments, linens, and silver and brass vessels.  Each week, two Altar Guild members serve in this capacity.  They meet for about one hour on Thursday or Friday morning to set up for the Sunday services.  On Sunday mornings, they share the duties of cleaning and resetting the vessels after the 8 A.M. service and cleaning and storing the vessels after the 11 A.M. service.  One member launders and irons the linens and returns them to the Sacristy.  Weddings and funerals occasionally require additional service during any given week.  Men and women are invited to join the Altar Guild.

Altar Guild Chairperson (A.G.A.) Sharon Eversman will help with recruitment and training of new members and scheduling of all guild members as well as the ordering of essential worship items and the oversight of hangings, vestments, linens and vessel care. Contact Sharon for more information.

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee at St. James is chartered with dual responsibilities: First, to showcase the wonderful, unique attributes of our church and the extensive ministries of St. James for the community at-large so that prospective parishioners can join us.  This effort involves the website, the Pilgrim, social media, as well as other potential media venues like radio, TV, newspapers, etc. Secondly, to enhance information access and internal communication among the Staff, Vestry, and Ministry Teams so that the congregation is well informed and Church operations are more efficient. Such efforts include posting information and reports online on the Church's private intranet, managing e-mail directories and distribution, Church and committee directories, etc.

If you have any questions of or suggestions for the Communications Committee, please feel free to contact Bill Haff via e-mail at

Facility Management
The Junior Warden(s) chair the committee with the Facilities Manager being a permanent member.  Members are appointed by the Rector with the input of the Junior Warden(s) and the advice and consent of the Vestry.  The Committee oversees upkeep of the physical plant and maintains facilities, including environmental machinery, and takes action as necessary to ensure the buildings of the Parish are maintained in good states of repair.  It is anticipated that the Committee will establish appropriate subcommittees as necessary to carry out its responsibilities.  The Facilities Stewardship Campaign, Kitchen Committee, Demolition Committee, Arts and Furnishings Committee and Property Commission are examples of such subcommittees considered necessary from time for keeping Parish facilities in states of proper repair.

The Committee should maintain a fixed asset list of all assets with value of more than $1,000.00 which list is updated every two years.  This list shall be supplemented by a video of all such assets in the rooms where they are located.

As our parish family continues to grow and ministries flourish, it will be imperative that the Property Committee continue to assess our utilization of facilities, potential renovation/expansion projects and provide recommendations to the Wardens and Vestry.

Membership Committee
St. James welcomes all parishioners, new members, and visitors! The St. James Membership Committee is happy to provide hospitality through programs and activities.  Here are a few activities that provide ongoing fellowship and information orientation to St. James and the Episcopal Church:

GUEST BOOK - A guest book is placed at the entrance to the Church.  The committee sends welcome cards to visitors.  Home-baked bread and cross pins are presented to new members at the annual "Celebration of the New Members of our St. James Family".  Temporary name tags are available in the Church and in the Parish Hall.

CHURCH INFORMATION PACKETS/ANNUAL REPORTS - These packets are available through the ushers or Church staff for anyone who visits and is interested in becoming a member of St. James.

FELLOWSHIP/REFRESHMENT TIMES - All visitors and parishioners are invited to enjoy coffee/tea, treats, and fellowship in the Jeanne Roby Guild Room after the 8:00 A.M. service and prior to and after the 9:30 A.M. service. Individuals/families may host these gatherings and provide the treats.  St. James parishioners are always so generous to bring delicious goodies to share--thank you!  Set-up and clean-up is part of the hosting opportunity.  Please contact any Membership Committee member to volunteer--thank you!  During the year, the Membership Committee also helps with the Easter Vigil service "Fast Break" party, the St. James Day parish picnic, and the New Members Welcome reception.

MONTHLY ADULT POTLUCK SUPPERS - All parishioners, visitors, and guests are invited to enjoy a potluck supper on the second Friday of each month at 6:30 P.M.  Suppers may be hosted at homes, the Church Rectory or the Parish Hall. Hosts provide the place, eating ware, and coffee/tea/water.  Attendees are asked to bring potluck meats/casseroles, salads, side dishes, or desserts and other beverages, as desired. The adult potluck supper is a wonderful way to have a party and meet other people!  Parishioners may host these gatherings by contacting Deacon Roxanne or the Church office.

Hosting a potluck is a wonderful way to throw a party (the guests bring the food and the host provides the place---such a deal!)  This event is a wonderful way to get to know new members (they are always our guests of honor!) and a great way to get more closely acquainted with "old" members.

New members of the Parish are encouraged to come...definitely a great way to meet other church family members.  This kind of event is also a great way for "old" members to meet those who are new and to visit with those they do know.

Interested in hosting a potluck?  Hosts are needed for the new year --- Take your pick!  All the months in 2015 need hosts.  Please call Deacon Roxanne at 580-4748 or 586-9093, Extension 3 to volunteer.  This is a great way to host a party the easy way - you provide the place; others bring the food! 

Parish Hall Kitchen Committee
Rosemary Freemyer and Marcella Babineaux are co-chairs of the Parish Hall Kitchen Committee.  They are looking for volunteers to join them.  The goals of the committee are to re-organize the kitchen after the Parish Hall restoration, to maintain a clean and well-organized kitchen and to replenish kitchenware.  If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Marcella at 451-9998 or Rosemary at 599-8691.

Parish Life Committee
The Parish Life Committee has responsibility for 

    • Membership and the welcoming and inclusion of all into the parish family
    • Stewardship
    • Fellowship
    • Parish Communication 

We organize special events including:

Annual Parish Meeting
Monthly Adult Pot Luck Dinners
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
Easter Eve Fast Break Party
Easter Breakfast for the Choirs and Music Team
Graduation Dinner for High School Seniors
Veterans' Lunch
Thanksgiving Pie Party
Senior Saints Christmas Party
New Year's Eve Celebration

This committee also works in coordination with the Worship Committee to put on:

Graduation Sunday
St. James Day
Pet Blessing Sunday
Bishop's Annual Visitation (Confirmation)
Veterans' Sunday
Other special Sunday services

The Parish Life Committee works in coordination with the Christian Formation Committee to provide the Epiphany Pageant and Event, "Journey through Holy Week" Easter Event, All Saints Party, and the Advent and/or St. Nicholas Day Events.

A Vestry member chairs this committee and other Vestry members can be appointed to chair sub-groups. The Rector serves as the clergy leader and the Parish Administrator is a staff member of this committee. Lay Members include the Baptism Coordinator, Wedding Coordinator, Funeral Coordinator, Reception Coordinator, and Kitchen Coordinator. 

Parish Response Team
This committee was established to assist parishioners in ways that are needed when they have no one else to call upon.  Short-term assistance until the family can arrive, assistance with something that is needed, any number of places that we are requested to help with.

The chair of the Parish Response Team is Judi Farrington.