Saint James offers its parishioners a wide variety of worship services and a wide variety of opportunities to participate in worship services.  Parishioners are encouraged to become Acolytes, members of the Altar Guild, Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors, Intercessors, Lectors and Ushers.


Scheduling for Current Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers
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Acolytes are members of the congregation who assist with services by formally serving at the altar during services.  Saint James needs Acolytes - Young or old from 8 to 108 years old!  For more information, call the church office at 586-9093, Extension 1 or Fr. Clark at 586-9093, Extension 2.

Eucharistic Ministers serve at the discretion of the Episcopal Bishop of Montana. Candidates for this important and visible ministry are respected members of the laity who have been active members of the congregation for at least 2 years. Recommendation for Diocesan licensure for 3 years must come from the Rector. Licenses may be renewed upon review by the Rector and the Bishop.  The role of the licensed Eucharistic Minister (2003 Constitutions and Canons (C&C) at Title III, Canon 4, Sec. 6) is to assist the Clergy in administering the Consecrated Elements (the Chalice) at a celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  The Bishop's 2008 "Customaries" note that these Ministers are encouraged to vest for this function. Training and a practicum are provided for people who are interested in becoming Eucharistic Ministers.  Monthly schedules of serving assignments are sent to Eucharistic Ministers ahead of time by the church staff.

Contact the St. James Office for more information

Eucharistic Visitors
Under the direction of our Deacon, The Venerable Roxanne Klingensmith, our dedicated team of Eucharistic Visitors (EVs) share the love of Christ with those who are unable to attend worship services.  They are sent out by the congregation from our Sunday services (or from other regularly scheduled Eucharistic services) to homes, the hospital, care centers and retirement centers.  They bring the Sacrament and the joy of being a part of the Body of Christ at Saint James to each person they visit (generally once a month).  They, in turn, are blessed to receive wonderful stories, personal histories and love from those visited.  Beginning in 2010, they will be bringing the altar flowers to those they visit.

 If you are interested in receiving more information about this wonderful ministry and/or you would like to serve as a Eucharistic Visitor, please contact Deacon Roxanne at (406)586-9093, extension 3 or at

Lectors read the Holy Scriptures and occasional prayers at Sunday and Wednesday Eucharists, but they can also be called upon to read at other services such as Evensong, baptisms, funerals, dedications, and the Daily Offices (i.e., Morning and Evening Prayer).  This ministry is locally trained and administered and requires no Diocesan licensure by the Episcopal Bishop of Montana.  Strong reading and speaking skills, attention to detail, and an understanding of the order of the key liturgical services are needed.  Training by the Clergy or lay leadership - plus an annual group "review" meeting with the Rector - is provided.  Monthly schedules of reading assignments are sent to Lectors ahead of time by the church staff. contact Fr Greg Smith if interested in serving.

Ushers greet parishioners and visitors who are attending services at Saint James.  They provide assistance in seating worshipers once a service has started and on those occasions when the seating capacity in the church is close to being reached.  Ushers collect the offering at services and they provide direction and assistance to worshipers during Communion.

The training involved to become a St. James Usher is brief and interesting.  We can schedule you to usher as your general schedule permits.  If you are interested in ushering at the 8 A.M. service, please contact Vicki Van Rensselaer at  If you are interested in ushering at the 9:30 A.M. service, please contact Mary Wisman at 388-4629 or at  If you are interested in ushering at the 11 A.M. service, please contact Vicki Van Rensselaer at