Summer Day Camp

Find out all about summer children’s programs sunday mornings at 10, Adult Godly Play in July, and Day Camp in August!

Families with Children

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June Pilgrim available online

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Services & Holy Communion

Sundays Summer Schedule

8 am

10 am
Choir & Organ
Nursery & Godly Play
for children

5 pm
Christus Collegium @ MSU

10 am

6 pm
Youth Ministry


Church Photographs

Recently, Chris Johnson of Hyalite Photography photographed the nave and created navigable panoramic images. There are three shots from different positions in the nave. Once loaded, you can move your mouse on the image to look around you as though you were here! Please be aware that the images are large (over 2 MB each) and so require a broadband connection for reasonable download speeds.

Panorama 1
Panorama 2
Panorama 3