St. James Episcopal Church Vestry

The Vestry is the leadership body of the church.  It has official responsibility for the spiritual growth of the Parish (in concert with the Rector); the development of Parish programs; the support of diocesan programs; the establishment of the Parish policies; the endorsement of persons seeking ordination; all fiscal matters; maintenance of property; and all actions required by law of a corporate board of directors. 

The Vestry is unofficially responsible for the maintenance of a healthy relationship between the clergy and the people; the spiritual, emotional and physical health of the clergy and their families; being a sounding board for the clergy and the congregation; leadership by example of regularity in public worship; generosity in stewardship; enthusiasm for the cause of Jesus Christ; loyalty to the work of the church; and most importantly, Christ likeness of personal life.

The Vestry generally meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 5:30 P.M. in the Parish Hall. The Rector presides at all Vestry meetings, and in his absence a Senior Warden or Junior Warden must take his place.

St. James Vestry:

Rector (Fr. Clark)
Co-Senior Wardens (Rick Harden and Marty Sanders)
Co-Junior Wardens (Mollie Eckman and Rollie Simons)
Co-Treasurers (Keith Nathan and Wendy WIlson)
Clerk (Nancy Blake)
No less than 5 and no more than 9 Vestry members elected at the Annual Meeting (Marcella Babineaux, Cassie Cusick, Susan Gregory, Bill Haff, Doug Hallesy, Kristi Menix, Markie Nathan, Dan Wanders, and Rich Winget)
Youth Representative (currently vacant)